Lafora Testing

Dr Minassian and team, Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids

At the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids, Dr. Berge Minassian and his dedicated team have been researching into the human form of Lafora for many years. The UK based Wirehaired Dachshund Club (WHDC), Dachshund Breed Council (DBC), Kennel Club Charitable Trust and many individuals, funded and drove through the development of a full spectrum DNA test (clear/carrier/affected) for Canine Lafora, available exclusively through the Hospital since 2013.

The Toronto Lafora Test is approved by the UK Kennel Club and is a “requirement” for all Assured Breeders of Miniature Wire Dachshunds.

The test costs $350, to cover administration and research into treatments for both the affected human teenagers and dogs, and can be requested by following the simple steps below.

For UK dogs only, the WHDC also organises a twice yearly subsidised testing session at a central location, bringing the price down to £150, to include vets fees, shipping, admin and certificate costs.

To Request a Test via WHDC

Go to:

If you  cannot wait for the next UK bulk testing session, or are outside the UK, you must request a test directly from Toronto:

Step 1:

Go to
Click on the pink tab at the right side: “Make A Donation”.
Click on “make a one time donation.”
Fill out your details, then in the comments section type:

PLEASE ASSIGN MY GIFT TO Dr. Minassian’s Lafora Disease Research”

Step 2:

Have blood sample taken by vet: certified testing on 5-10mls blood from each animal, placed in an EDTA tube, along with pedigree details and chip/tattoo details.

Step 3:

Send the sample via FEDEX to

Dr. Berge Minassian
The Hospital for Sick Children
Genetics and Genome Biology
686 Bay St, Rm 14-9420,
Toronto Ontario
M5G 0A4

Step 4

Email to confirm the sample is on the way, including the Fedex waybill number so they can track the shipment.

Please be patient as the team is very busy with vital research. It may take up to 10 weeks to get the results.

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