The Dachshund Breed Council have provide additional information on dachshund health on their excellent UK Dachshund Health Website

DBC Dachshund Health lafora page.

dachsfact lafora sheet Some vets may not recognise Lafora and misdiagnose as ideopathic epilepsy or even nervousness. Be prepared and take a DBC Fact sheet with you.

breeding guide thumbnailThinking of breeding? Here’s what you might be risking if you don’t breed known clear to clear or clear to carrier.

The Toronto test is only reliable way to diagnose Lafora.

Health Test results for any Kennel Club registered dogs – check this out before breeding or buying a puppy


Clare Rusbridge presentation on Lafora and Epilepsy

Jan 2014 lafora and epilepsy presentation at Dachshund Breed Council seminar, Fitzpatrick Referrals, Surrey, UK