Phenobarbital: The most frequently prescribed medication for Canine Epilepsy. It is an anti-convulsant and can surpress generalised tonic clonic seizures but is not effective in every Laforadog. it is also highly addictive and can cause severe damage to the liver and other organs. That’s why most vets will only reluctantly start treating a dog with Pb and recommend a ‘watch and wait’ approach to epileptic symptoms

Bromide: Another epilepsy treatment that has been around for years. Again, effective in some Laforadogs, but with similar potential health issues

Levetiracetam (Keppra): A more recent anti-convulsant that has been proven to help some Laforadogs, either on its own or in combination with one or more of the other drug treatments available. Useful summary

Zonisamide, Gabapentin and Felbamate are all newer anti-convulsants that have had some success in treating convulsions when used in conjunction with in Pb, Bromide or Keppra. Zonisamide and Felbamate are not licenced in the UK but are available – at a price

More information on drug treatments in the UK 

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