Owning a Laforadog

Gill and AlfThis is Alfie, the inspiration for this site and the reason I got involved in raising awareness of Lafora.

Alfie suffered his first full blown fit age 5. At that time, vets new very little about Lafora and I was advised that he may or may not go on to have more fits.

Sadly, he did, on a regular basis, one or more a month, usually connected with flashing lights or sudden noise.

And then the jerking back started followed by other symptoms gradually kicking in. It was only then that we discovered an old BBC article about Lafora in Mini Wire Dachshunds and recognised that was what was wrong. Alfie was one of the first dogs to be tested Affected under the WHDC scheme and went on to exhibit nearly all the typical symptoms and eventually his declining quality of life resulted in us requesting that he be put to sleep age 14.

Currently there is no cure for Lafora, but owners can help reduce the severity of symptoms. Find out how.

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