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Laforadogs raises money for several purposes:

Berge's team

To support research into both canine and human Lafora by the team at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids



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To promote and raise awareness of Lafora in the UK and beyond (postage, printing, website maintenance etc.). Pet buyers have a significant role to play in encouraging breeders to take responsible breeding decisions. See also Buying a Mini Wire Dachshund


To offer financial assistance to owners of dogs that are or may be suffering from Lafora, including help with medication ,      testing and travel costs  (contact us at for more information)




WHDC logoTo support subsidised testing run by the Wirehaired Dachshund Club in the UK. This programme enables any dachshund owner in the UK to have their dog tested before breeding or if they suspect it may be affected and is a vital part of the campaign to ensure that no puppy born in the future will suffer the symptoms of Lafora. In 2013 50% KC registered puppies born were from ‘safe’ breding combinations. In 2014 that increased to 70%. Still not high enough but a significant improvement.



A particular thank you to:

Scarves for LaforaPat Debley, owner of Daisy and Bertie, who has worked tirelessly to raise funds over the years , raising plants to sell and skillfully knitting a selection of lovely and unusual scarves. To order a scarf, please contact



Vanessa Bednarz, who makes the most beautiful coats for dogs and has kindly auctioned several in aid of Laforadogs on her CosyDax page on Facebook and occasionally on eBay




Only Sausages Allowed event NW England

just a few of the participants

A BIG thank you to Alison Unsworth and other members of both the North West Dachshund Onwers and Cheshire Dachshund Facebook groups for  their fundraising at their recent ‘Only Sausages Allowed’ fun day . The day included games, prizes, trade stands and a great day was had by all. Participants raised £150.00 for the Laforadogs fund, raising money to support research into both canine and human Lafora by the specialist team at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids, amongst other things. A fantastic effort and very much appreciated. THANK YOU!