Dachshund Breed Council

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In 2007, all 19 UK Dachshund Breed Clubs agreed to form the Dachshund Breed Council (DBC).

Over time the role of the Dachshund Breed Council role has grown and changed and now focuses on promoting better health, welfare in the breed, along with education for Breeders, Showers,  Judges and Pet Owners.

In 2013, the Dachshund Breed Council was recognised for its invaluable work on promoting good health for the breed, winning two Karlton Index Awards (for Breed Health and Leadership) and Ian Seath, the Chair of the DBC was also awarded the ‘Individual Achievement’ Award.

Amongst other things, the DBC publishes a monthly newsletter, runs an associated website ‘Dachshund Health UK‘, supports research and provides a series of ‘Dachs-Fact’ fact sheets covering the main health priorities., including Lafora.