Buying a Mini Wire Dachshund

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Top 10 tips : Buying a Miniature Wire Dachshund in the UK

Firstly: great choice! Mini wires make fantastic pets. They are happy, generally healthy and great fun. if you follow a few simple rules when buying, you’ll never regret it – but be warned: one is never enough!

  1.  Read the fantastically helpful advice about buying and owning a dachshund on the Dachshund Breed Council website
  2. Avoid any breeder who does not know the Lafora status of the pup’s parents and/or the dog for sale.
  3. Do not believe the breeder who says their dogs are safe because they have never had Lafora in their line.
  4. if a dog is ‘Lafora Unaffected’  it was tested before the current DNA testing programme. It is NOT the same as ‘CLEAR’, and may also be a carrier.
  5. Avoid anyone who says the Lafora test is too expensive or takes too long.  It only costs £150 (subsidised) via the Wire Haired Dachshund Club to have a dog tested and takes 3 months for results. Given how much a typical puppy costs to buy and the expense and distress of looking after an affected dog, that is a small price to pay.
  6. Mini Wires should also be tested for (or be hereditary clear for) Cord 1 PRA – a form of eye disease that causes blindness in later life – just like all other miniature dachshund varieties. Easy to do through the Animal Health Trust.
  7. If puppies are not KC registered because ‘they are pets’ – be very wary. All health test results are now recorded on the KC website so by not registering the breeder may be avoiding the expense of testing and awkward questions…. And may still charge the same as a KC registered litter.
  8. Ask the breeder about any history of back problems. Back issues are relatively common in dachshunds but risk can be minimised by keeping them slim and well exercised and avoiding breeding from vulnerable lines.

Do your research and wait for the right dog. There ARE Lafora/Cord1 PRA safe dogs out there with strong backs and fantastic temperaments – keep looking and you will have a happy, healthy companion for many years.