No Miniature Wire Dachshund should be bred unless the owner knows its Lafora status and uses that knowledge to choose a safe breeding combination. Use this chart to discover average outcomes:breeding combinationsTo maintain genetic diversity, the Dachshund Breed Council and Wirehair Dachshund Club recommend that both clear/clear and clear/carrier matings are acceptable.

Based on advice from leading veterinary experts, the DBC and WHDC recommend that no Lafora affected dogs should be bred from because:

  • whelping may bring on symptoms early
  • breeding from affected dogs will increase the number of carrier dogs and therefore risk of producing further affected dogs
  • owners accepting the WHDC subsidised test have agreed not to use affected dogs

The Kennel Club records the status of all dogs tested via the WHDC scheme. If you know a dog’s KC Registered Name you can confirm whether not only whether or not it has been tested but what the results were. Health Test Finder

Read the Dachshund Breed Council’s advice on breeding:

Breeding from your bitch and Using your dog at Stud