Karen’s account of little Ada’s last days is full of love and the description of her sense of fun is familiar to so many of us who love this breed.

“We lost Ada last Saturday. She was very poorly in a lot of pain on the Friday and our vet thought it was pancreatitis. She had pain relief and inti-inflammatories but was still not good on Saturday morning, plus she stopped drinking. Took her back and saw a young vet who wanted to keep her in for the weekend on a drip and very strong pain killers to try and stabalise her, plus blood tests to confirm diagnosis, then if she did get over it she would have to be on a low fat diet for the rest of her days and no guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. I know what pancreatitis is like as my mother suffers from it and we decided we couldn’t put Ada through all of that. Her laforas was steadily getting worse and she didn’t need this on top. She was 12 years old and was the bravest, happiest little dog I’ve known. I miss her more than I can say. She was my dog and always there wanting a cuddle, pinching my slippers and “running” away (she thought it was hilarious), waiting for me when I came in from the shed where I work and she was a real smiler. I was there when she was born and I was there cuddling her when she died and all the good and bad bits in between. I loved her to bits. She never did get diagnosed officially as her test results haven’t come back, too late now.”